The Peril of Adenin

The First Chapter

The Story So Far...

Our heroes come together in the city of Woodstone, located on the outskirts of a petrified forest, and learn of the passing of the High Protector Beran (human), leaving the local militia leaderless and disorganized. Kladryk and Muldune, having been lead her by their goddess Thressa, begin to wonder why they’ve been brought here when an explosion alerts them to a kobold raid on the town. The adventurers repel the raid and learn that the kobolds were looking for something. At the same time Lady Llanale (high elf), widow of High Protector Beran, discovers that her son Cieo (half-elf) has gone missing, possibly to retrieve his father’s sword from the Tomb of Renewal, in the same direction that the kobolds fled. Channan (human), Guild Master of the Timber Miners, and civilian leader of Woodstone, commissions the heroes to find Cieo and clear the kobolds out of the Tomb of Renewal.

Inside the tomb, they find a group of kobolds trying to break down a barricaded door, behind which they find a defiant Cieo. With his help, they are able to pass the tests that grant access to the final chamber, but before the chamber they find two kobolds arguing. When the heroes reveal themselves, Kig Nightjaw turns invisible and flees, leaving Kizkan to face the heroes alone. After defeating Kizkan, the heroes escort Cieo to the final chamber, where his father has left him a final message and The Sword of the Protector.

They receive a hero’s welcome in Woodstone, and the following day Cieo is invested as the new High Protector. During the ceremony they see evidence that the sword is imbued with some sort of magical power as a mystic shield seems to materialize when Cieo lifts it over his head. During the feast Channan asks them to look into a caravan that has gone missing, and the are approached by a mysterious woman in a blue dress. She reveals that her name is Inlis, and that she sent the kobolds to search for something that has been stolen from her. She admits that it was a mistake to send such simple creatures, and asks the party to search for it instead. She refuses to reveal the nature of the item, revealing only that it was stolen by a kobold named Kig who had infiltrated her own group of kobolds, framed Woodstone, and then fled west to Eindothron. Cieo warns the party that Inlis is very powerful, and that they should not cross her.

On the way to Eindothron the heroes come across evidence that the missing caravan was attacked in the desert, along a road which used to be fairly safe and peaceful. They find the missing caravan at a Yuan-ti temple in the desert, and must defeat several powerful Yuan-ti to save the survivors from torture.

Once they reach Eindothron, a mysterious raven leads the heroes to a crumbling tower where a mysterious group seems aware of their quest already. Meera (halfling), the apparent leader of this group, offers to help the heroes find the kobold if they agree to assassinate a corrupt mage who is about to build a tower in the city and enter the senate. The group agrees to the conditions and, disguising themselves as guards, enter the mage’s home. Trying at first for a diplomatic solution, the group is caught of guard when the mage surpises them with a sneak attack after drugging one of their drinks. After he falls, they find evidence that the mage is connected with the kobold, and is arranging for him to be smuggled out of the city by ship.

The party enters the sewers to find Kig Nightjaw before he can flee by ship. The sewers are crawling with danger, including wererats, a caged behir, a small Thieves Guild hideout, and a massive vampire lair, which they are forced to flee due to overwhelming numbers. Eventually they come upon an inlet, where they find an unconscious high elf who joins the party. Nixxie, the parties warlock reveals a secret on her right arm as the tears off her sleeve to make a bandage, it is covered in Ancient Infernal writing, a prophecy warning of evil to come.

Having reached the sea, the party decides to ambush the kobold instead of searching for him. They raid the smuggler’s ship, killing most of the crew before the captain surrenders and agrees to help them. Disguising themselves as the ship’s crew, they wait for the kobolds to appear. When the kobolds board the ship, Kig recognizes Kladryk, and launches a surprise attack before the trap can be sprung. It is not long before several kobolds splash into the water below, and an adult white dragon rises from the sea and climbs onto the ship. His frost breath freezes half of the sailors where they stand in seconds. The roar of the dragon alerts the city to his presence, and two more adventurers rush to the ship to help. Kig seeing that his chances of winning this fight are slim, turns invisible again and attempts to flee, but his exit is blocked, and he is cut down below deck by Arkuul. The battle with the dragon is not going well when suddenly large group of ravens appears. revealing themselves to be wereravens, they fall upon the dragon to protect the city, and flee as quickly as the appeared once it is defeated. The lead raven reveals herself to be Meera, and warns that the authorities are on their way.

With the Dragon defeated, the party learns that the stolen item was actually a live blue dragon egg. Kladryk and Arkuul argue for killing the egg when Inlis appears and dominates Arkuul, forcing him to return the egg to her as she reveals that she is in fact a blue dragon. She offers the party gold, or future employment with the promise of magical items. Most take the gold, but a few seem tempted by the promise of powerful magic. She allows them time to ponder, and everyone leaves the smuggler’s cove before the authorities arrive.



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